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    My most recent published guest post is entitled: “How Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Can Start To Make Passive Income” But you could easily swap “Weight Loss Hypnotherapists” with any on-line business. Jump start your passive income and read the post by clicking on the link below: How Weight Loss Hypnotherapists Can Start To Make Passive Income […]
  • Can You Run An Online Business Part Time?
    One of the questions I get asked the most by my clients who are considering setting up their new business online is “How much time will I have to spend on it?“. I always have difficult in answering this, as within reason, the more time you devote to your online business, the more successful it […]
  • 5 Tips For Beating Blogging Blues
    “Boredom is the conviction that you can’t change … the shriek of unused capacities.” – Saul Bellow When you were a kid, did your parents ever tell you off for complaining that you were bored? The standard view of boredom is that intelligent, active people have no place giving in to it – that we […]
  • The 5 Key Things Every Online Business Owner Needs
    If you read from here until eternity about how best to set up a successful business, you’d come out at the other end with a very large pile of books, and a pretty confused state of mind. You’d also probably be so full of conflicting pieces of advice, you’d be as clueless as you were […]
  • 50 Non-Technical Things You Must Do To Have A Great Website
    Here are 50 things you should take notice of if you want a great small business website…none of which are technical! Cut the nonsense Use your common sense Clarify your expectations Listen and take action on feedback Provide direction for your visitors Be unconventional and unique Don’t work 24/7 Be generous with your advice Be […]