Use An Automatic Email Responder And Get More Profit

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Are you using an automatic email responder in your arsenal of Internet Marketing Tools?


Maybe you should…picture this:

photo courtesy of jm3

photo courtesy of jm3

You wake up one morning and you check to see if you have sold any of your products via your website. You have! You’ve had a sale for one of your products. That’s great! You feel good.

The next morning you see you have 3 sales. You feel great!

You are looking forward to getting another visitor to buy.

It’s all been worthwhile and now your Internet Marketing business is about to soar.

And all becasue you have an automatic email responder in place.

But what about those who have already purchased?

Don’t forget about them.

It’s a common theme with lots of companies. You invest huge amounts of money to persuade a prospective customer into a ‘buying’ customer. But once they are a ‘buying’ customer you forget about them. That is one of the worst mistakes you can do, especially on-line.

Answer this:

Who is more willing to part with their money – someone who has yet to purchase something from you or someone who has already purchased something form you?


Simple. Someone who has already purchased from you!

So if you are not making offers to your existing customers, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

In fact you may even be dooming your Internet Marketing business to total and complete failure.

One of the most important things you want to do when a customer hits the buy button, on your site, is to let them know their purchase has gone through and thank them for shopping with you.

Now you can manually send an email to each of your customers, if you wanted to and maybe you could if you had one sale per day. But what if you had 10, 20, 100, 1000 sales per day. You just couldn’t do it.

So the easiest way is to set-up a way of saying thanks by using a simple automatic email responder. The emails can be setup in an auto-responder within minutes and then everyone who buys from you gets the carefully worded email from you…instantly (sometimes while you are sleeping!).

However, that’s not the end of your correspondence with your customer (or at least it shouldn’t be).

You now have a fantastic opportunity to build a relationship with, and reach out to your customers. You should ask them how they are getting on with their newly purchased product. You should send them a few extra tips to get the most from the product. Some extra advice…some extra reports, videos, audios…all for free.

Plus of course, offers to purchase for other similar related products.

For example, if they purchased a ‘Ballroom dancing’ DVD from you, you could offer discounts on ballroom shoes or ballroom music CD’s.

You need to mix the type of emails you send (as mentioned in my post entitled ‘…’). The majority should be extra free advice and don’t overuse the facility of an auto-responder. You want them to feel they are special. The last thing you want to do is to send your ‘buying’ customers email after email after email.

Take time over the writing of your automatic emails. You want your customer to feel you are truly writing to them on a personal level (check out this post: How To Build Your Email List ).

Carefully worded e-mails allow you to form long-term relationships with your customers and can make a huge difference to your service and your Internet Marketing profit.

The auto-responder that most Internet Marketers use is Aweber.

With Aweber you can:

Create Autoresponders

Publish a Signup Form To Your Website

Create Autoresponders

Send Email Newsletters

It’s worth checking out, click here for all the details and more advice:

Email Marketing Software

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2 Responses to Use An Automatic Email Responder And Get More Profit

  1. Jane January 12, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    I do like your point of putting special emphasis on the repeat buy. Customers who spread good word of mouth are often the ones who do the repeat buy. They sure are the key.

    Internet marketers, you must ready my comment twice! 😉


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