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My Top 2009 Blog Posts

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blogging guide 2009I added my first blog post on this site on 10 February 2009. I now have 205 blog posts and that tells me that I blogged on average 4.5 times every week.

These are my top ten most visited posts this year:

1. Read my story of how I became rich overnight:

The Definitive Internet Marketing Technique

2. Find out if you can make money online:

Can You Make Money On The Internet?

3. Check out this short video to see and hear the do’s and don’ts of website names:

How To Choose A Website Name

4. Thanks to everyone who entered my first contest. I really appreciate everyone who took part:

Free Contest Giveaways including Premium WordPress Themes

5. How to build your own web market strategy:

Creating Your Own Web Marketing Strategy

6. Generating traffic and backlinks via Social Book-Marking:

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

7. How to get as much traffic as you can for every blog post:

How to increase blog traffic with your blog post

8. Recommended WordPress Plugins:

WordPress Blog – More Recommended Plugins

9. Even more recommended plugins:

WordPress Blog – Which Plugins Do You Use?

10. Watch this video and I’ll show you a strategy I’ve been using for over a year to increase my website traffic…for free:

Increase The Traffic To Your Site

And here are my favourite posts as well as those listed above. My favourites because I enjoyed writing them – it’s as simple as that. In no particular order:

1. This is pretty hard for me to admit but I may have just made one of the worst decisions of my life:

I May Have Just Made One Of The Worst Decisions Of My Life!

2. There it was in plain daylight a Google page rank 3! But… but… but… the site is only 3 weeks old! My immediate thoughts: they have made a mistake. It’s not April Fools, it is?

Web Page Rank 3 in 3 weeks? Has Google made a mistake?

3. A little rant over companies who promote free website design services:

Get yourself a FREE website – yeah right!

4. Having one of my posts published on ProBlogger.net:

what is the point of Guest Posting your Articles

5. How I launched a product and it didn’t do well:

My product launch formula goes wrong

6. The truth behind blogging and what to expect when you start:

Is It Just a BIG Lie?

7. So many bloggers think you just install WordPress plugins and that’s it. That’s not true for the majority of them. They need tweaking. Here’s how I tweak one of the most popular plugins, All-In-One-SEO-Pack:

How to use the All in one SEO WordPress plugin to your advantage

8. We all suffer from procrastination. Here’s how you can overcome it:

What can you do about Procrastination?

9. What do you do when you are not blogging?

Life is not just about blogging, is it?

10. I missed being able to use StumbleUpon on this site. I’ve been banned! Read my story here:

StumbleUpon bans my site

And one fun one…

I just had to include my funny video I recently created:

What’s blogging got to do with dancing?

What’s your favourite? Share your views in the comments below.


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