This is Key if you want to be successful in Internet Marketing

There are numerous factors that determine whether you are successful on-line or not. Factors like getting enough traffic to your site, having the correct SEO set-up, having a great sales page.

So just imagine:

  • you are the best copywriter in the world and you have created a phenomenal sales page
  • you have set up your site perfectly with the best keywords and optimization and Google loves your site
  • your site receives the highest traffic for any website on the net

But…you are still not selling!

Imagine that!

Why aren’t you selling?

It comes down to the fact that what you are selling, no–one wants!

And this is where many Internet Marketers fail. They think their product will sell like hot cakes. Let me say that again with one word emphasized:

They THINK their product will sell like hot cakes.

research-copyThat’s right, they only think. They don’t carry out research.

Just because you love the subject ‘Pet Rabbits’ and you create a product entitled ‘Training Your Pet Rabbit To Become A Guard Dog’ doesn’t mean you’ll have thousands of visitors itching to buy it.

Your customers will decide whether or not your Internet business is going to make it.

So you need to see if there is a market for your idea for a product before you create it.

And one of the best ways to connect with your market is through online forums or discussion boards.

A forum is basically a virtual meeting place for people with the same interest, who post messages and questions on the subject of that forum.

So do a Google search for your subject, for instance ‘training rabbits’ and then add the word “forum”, so you end up searching for “training rabbits forum” (by the way at the time of writing, there are a few!)

Then when you enter the forums, you can observe and study what the participants are discussing.

Forums are places where people look for advice, ask questions and air their concerns.

You will find some forums that are not very active i.e. not many people ‘talking’ or sharing advice/concerns. Skip those ones. Find forums where there is lots of chat, everyday.

Once you have found a forum or two you like, find out what the forum members like and don’t like. Note down the things they are looking for, their problems and complaints. Look to see if the same problem or concern keeps being mentioned. That would be a great sign to say there could be a need in the market for a product that covers these common concerns.

Some individuals may already be mentioning certain products and services and what they think about them. This could tell you if the existing products available are any good.

But when you are at the forums, don’t just read – add your own comments, questions and concerns as well.

By doing this research up-front, you will have many more ideas for a product which will be sought after by your future customers.

Then just imagine you have the perfect product to sell on your perfect website.

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