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Tips For Generating Website Traffic Without Search Engines

This is a guest post by ZK is the co-founder of Web Marketing Blog.

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Though search traffic is highly targeted and cost-effective, there are other options that should also be considered in web promotion. The following are strategies you can use to generate targeted and profitable web traffic.

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Weisure Time: Knowing When To Switch Off From Your Business

Have you heard the new phrase being bandied around the small business bingo sheets?

It’s ‘weisure’ time – a mash-up of Leisure and Work, to describe all those moments in the day when you are supposed to have switched off from work, but your mind is still fully focussed upon everything that has gone on during the day, and everything you have yet to fulfill for tomorrow.

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Getting The Habit Of Outstanding Customer Service

customer-serviceIf the old adage ‘The customer is always right’ holds true in today’s consumer-focused industries, it stands to reason that outstanding customer service should lie at the heart of any business.

Whether you deal with customers over the internet or regularly come in contact face-to-face with the public, customer service is of paramount importance when it comes to you and the success of your business.

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