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The End Of The Backlink – Long Live Backlinks!

Warning: Many people may disagree with my thoughts in this post about back-linking but here goes…

Not that long ago, Meta tags were an important part of optimizing your website / blog.

Website owners stuffed their Meta tags with the same targeted keywords, like ‘cat food, lovely cat food, best cat food’…and numerous other slogans mentioning the same keyword phrase.

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No Hype Here: How I Achieved an Hourly Rate of 900 Dollars By Working From Home

The following is a guest post by Patrick Meninga of http://www.thefreedomblogger.com/. He recently sold his website for $200,000 dollars.

It is easy to become cynical when considering most work from home jobs. Nearly all of them promise a huge return on your time investment which is almost always a gross exaggeration of the truth.

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