The start of our Holiday

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My wife, Joy and I. Our first night in Kenya.

My wife, Joy and I. Our first night in Kenya.

I have mentioned a few times that this year my wife, Joy and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage. Well some of you have noticed I have not been blogging as often as normal over the past few weeks and that’s because my wife and I have just had our celebratory holiday!

We decided to go to Africa. Kenya to be more precise and include a safari.

We booked the holiday in February this year. The 7 months to the actual holiday soon passed.

As it got nearer and nearer the more excited we got but also the more apprehensive.

What shall we take with us?

How much money do we need?

Will the kids (well adult kids – 20 and 22) be OK without us?

Will the house still be here or trashed when we return?

We booked “all inclusive”, so we didn’t need to take much money with us.

We looked on-line to check what was needed for the safari trip.

And we told the kids to behave themselves!

And what about our on-line business?

I was working even longer hours to fit everything in and keep my blogs active while on holiday.

The departure date arrived.

We packed.

We were ready.

We took the train to Gatwick. We were on holiday!

We checked in.

The holiday company gave us free access to the ‘first-class’ lounge. That was nice of them.

A nice comfy lounge. Free snacks. Free drinks. It was a great start to our celebratory holiday.

The flight was full.

A nine-hour flight ahead of us.

Now before I go much further, I want to tell you how much this holiday cost us. $10,000. Just have that in mind.

So we get on the plane.

The seats are bigger than normal and the legroom is good.

We have these little TV screens in the backrest of the chair in front of us.

We get settled. We try and relax but we are excited.

First thing the air hostesses do?

Try and sell us a drink.

$5 for a coke.

$6 for a coffee.

They want us to pay for drinks!

I just paid $10k for this holiday!

Next thing. Would you like to upgrade your film choice on the TV screen?

Another $10

“No thanks”

Three hours into the flight. It’s now 11pm.

At last, we are served our in-flight dinner.

I cheekily ask, “Is it free?”

“Of course! Chicken or beef?”

“Chicken or beef what?”, I ask

“Don’t know”

“You don’t know?”

“No, we were just told ‘chicken or beef’”

My wife and I both chose chicken.

It was OK.

We also had a free coffee!


Then they come around and try and sell you duty free goods.

Then breakfast.

The breakfast boxes were just dumped on our flight tables.

No smile.

No eye contact.

Where’s the customer service?

They need training I thought.

Unless I can help it, I’ll never fly with this company again.

I can tell you the holiday got much, much better!

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3 Responses to The start of our Holiday

  1. Debbie Bills September 29, 2009 at 11:07 am #

    Hey Andrew You make a really nice couple. Was the house in one piece when you got back home? More pitures would be good. thanks for look into your life. This is nice.

    • Andrew Rondeau September 29, 2009 at 11:14 am #


      Thanks for dropping by. The house was in one piece – just! More photos (and videos) on the way. Just got to collate together.


  2. Jac Morton January 3, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Hello Andrew, 25 years of keeping the marriage last is very wonderful to hear. It just show that even though divorce is very rampant still you are able to make your marriage last. And I do hope that you will still celebrate another 25 year of your marriage. And before I end my comment can you share to us your wonderful experience in Africa. I surely love to read about it.

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