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On the one hand, there are the lucky types, who seem to attract good vibes, positive opportunities and success whatever they turn their hand to.

On the other side, we have those people who seem destined to suffer catastrophe after catastrophe, spending their gloomy lives waiting for everything to go wrong, because that’s what experience has told them.

All around us, there are reminders that luck is made, not happened upon.

For example, the National Lottery in the UK has a catchphrase – you have to be in it, to win it.

The message is, don’t expect to become a millionaire lottery winner unless you actually go out there and buy a ticket before the draw.

Similarly, people who want to get lucky in love probably won’t find the partner of their dreams by sitting at home night after night waiting for a knock on the door that never comes, and you won’t be able to land the first prize in a draw unless you actually put your name down to enter in the first place.

Entrepreneurialism through online business has the same principle.

The people who you envy with their successful online business ventures didn’t simply wake up on morning and find a leading blog on their website for them to maintain.

They made their online success through a number of ways – by learning about their industry, undertaking competitor analysis and establishing just what they needed to do to land themselves a ‘lucky’ break and succeed.

Admittedly, some people seem to have more luck than others in their online ventures, but look hard enough at their business processes and attitude, and you’ll usually find a hefty dose of hard work, commitment and passion behind their apparent good fortune.

Making lucky breaks for ourselves and our Online Business Ventures

So how do we translate this knowledge in to a successful business, generating luck for ourselves?

The first principle is to be prepared to accept that success never happens overnight, online.

For your business to thrive you need to nurture it through hard work, persistence and commitment.

By taking the steps needed to transform your website from a mediocre site to a world-leading resource, you need to work hard.

Another great principle is to remember to create opportunities for yourself.

You won’t get comments online, for example, unless you ask for them.

Guest blogging, commenting, opening up on forums and discussion boards that link to your own site are all great ways of strengthening your network and inviting new prospects and people in to your business world.

Launch new products, test ideas, and always be on the lookout for new ways to invite prosperity and success in to your online venture.

Be open to new possibilities

Finally, be alert to new opportunities.

The world is full of amazing coincidences and opportunities, but you need to stick your head above the proverbial parapet to see them and seize hold of what they have to offer.

Network, meet with people, take time to interact and share your ideas both on and offline through new relationships, and you’ll gradually notice your luck starting to change.

People will start to get in touch saying, hey, I saw this opportunity and thought of you – what do you reckon?

And equally, the larger and stronger your network, the more you’ll be able to do the same for other people.

Invite luck into your Online Business Venture

Luck doesn’t hang about waiting for a good time to jump out at you.

It’s time to invite it in to your online world by creating openings for it, being aware of what it may look like to you, and understanding when it is time to seize a potential opportunity with both hands and run with it.

By following these rules, you’ll soon be one of those people who others look at and say “Lucky them! How come they get all the opportunities?”

It won’t hurt for you to keep on buying those lottery tickets in the meantime, though.

As with anything else, getting lucky online doesn’t happen overnight!

What do you do that brings in the luck to help with your Online Business Venture?

Please share your stories in the comments below.

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