My product launch formula goes wrong

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When you are creating a product, you want to use a proven product launch formula. Then each time you create a product, simply follow it, learn from the actual launch and tweak it / change it for next time.

Last week I launched my latest product (a jointly created product with Anja Merret), “How to Write Articles for Maximum Effect”.

Between us, we created the product, the e-book, the videos, and the bonuses. We were happy with the end result. We asked a few of our existing customers for feedback. What we received back was excellent and worthy of adding as testimonials.

We were excited.

Took us ages to decide upon a price…but eventually we did.

We wrote the sales page.

Perhaps that’s where I went wrong…

You see, we decided to give away an extract of the new product. That’s a good marketing ploy. Give a little away and the customer will come back to buy the rest – assuming they like the free part!

We had over 1700 people opt-in for the free giveaway extract.

We were pleased. We were gob smacked with the number.

Then we thought, let’s get some of our investment back and sell the first 50 for a real cheap price. We decided on $10. Sell 50 real quick and get some money back.

We had over 1700 ‘warm’ buyers, meaning they had signed up for the free extract.

We wanted a 3% conversion. With ‘warm’ buyers and only $10 for the complete package, I thought they would sell like hot cakes.

I thought I would be changing the sales page within a couple of hours, to reflect the end price we decided upon.

We didn’t sell 50. Within 2 days we sold 43.

Now I am not complaining – far from it but it just didn’t meet my expectations.

Was I too over optimistic?

It must be the sales page, I thought.

I am a member of a couple of excellent forums – Yaro Starak and Jason Potash.

I’ll ask them for feedback and boy, did I get it!

But what is annoying is that everything they recommended I had never left out before in all my other sales pages. I had made some major mistakes.

Why now? Why did I make mistakes this time?

Too excited to launch?

Writing the sales page after the product. I often write the sales page first then create the product. That way round you are not restricted by how the product turns out.

Too close to the product?

I don’t think so but I do believe in getting some feedback. We did on the product but why not the sales page?

I put it down to the fact that I did not refer to my own product launch formula.

I went from memory (and I was keen to launch!).

Here’s the feedback I received on the sales page – some real basic mistakes…but we can learn from making mistakes…

1. Split test different headlines. Use Google Optimizer and set up different headings to appear.

I now have 3 different headings that rotate and you can monitor any conversions to sales and see if any of the headlines are converting better that the others.

2. I do not see anything personalized on the letter. No name or anything like that.

I’ve added photos of Anja and I, plus some of my previous experiences when trying to get more traffic.

3. Don’t be fooled by the cheaper is better mentality… sometimes cheaper makes people think it is a small product / report or rubbish.

This is an excellent point. Anja and I really thought we would be loyal to our subscribers and offer the product at an inexpensive price. We have upped the price and let’s see what difference that makes.

4. Change the “instant access button” to an “add to cart” button

5. Also add some text links like “Claim Your Instant Access Now”

6. Add as many testimonials as you can.

Since the launch we have received one more testimonial and added to the page

7. Add one of the videos you are giving away in the extract, to the sales page

Great, simple idea. Now implemented! Why didn’t we think of that?

8. Change the product banner or remove. The banner doesn’t do the product any justice – either change the banner or remove.

Have now removed.

9. Only have links to your actual ‘buying page.

We had links on the bottom of the sales page that took the visitor to more details about the product. We have now removed them.

10. Since you’re offering a special launch offer discount, mention what the “official price” of your product will be – give visitors something to compare to.

Good advice but the special launch is now over, so we have not implemented this…but next time we will.

So there are 10 excellent feedback points on the original sales page, which I have taken on board and changed.

I now need to monitor the effect it has on sales.

What’s your view?

Any feedback?

Here’s the latest page: “How to write articles for maximum effect”.

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  1. David Stillwagon August 4, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    That’s interesting especially about the sales page
    .-= David Stillwagon ´s last blog ..Sleep Disorders =-.

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