The internet marketing bad times

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Simon Cowell in normal mood!

Simon Cowell in normal mood!

We all have good experiences, days, weeks, times – whatever we wish to call them

And we have bad times, don’t we?

During my working week, I experience both and rather than just sharing theory, knowledge and advice, I thought I’d make a change and share with you my good and bad ‘working’ times I have experienced this week.

But rather than good and bad, I’m going to call then my ‘up’ times and my ‘down’ times!


I’m not that keen on the word ‘bad’. I’m not that keen on the word ‘down’ either but couldn’t think of anything else. Any ideas?

Anyway…here goes…

That's what we want, isn't it?

That's what we want, isn't it?

‘UP’ Times

1. I’m a big fan of John Carlton and he wrote an excellent post this week about customer service and the lesson of having a great product and great service.

It’s a ‘reminder’ lesson for us all and is definitely worth checking out, click here:

How To Lose Friends & Persuade People To Hate You

2. I purchased a short report called “Exploiting Product Launches” from a well know internet marketer. Cost me $10 and it’s a great little report which shares three ways to get loads of free traffic for any new product launch. Now just have to put the ideas into practice.

Now why am I mentioning this?

Well the report came with certain ‘resell rights’ and for those who signed up to my free guide “Build your own profitable blog in 45 minutes”, I shall be sending you a free copy of the report – so check your email inbox!

3. This week I received my latest report from Angela’s backlinks with 30 more great backlinks you can build for free. And in this months report, I received 30 sites of page rank 6 and higher to build backlinks to my sites.

As a result of my backlink campaign which includes Angela’s backlinks, some of my keyword phrase are now in first place for Google, which is excellent.

Check out my blog post entitled, How to improve page rank by having a link building campaign

4. I’m an avid user of Market Samurai and this week they just added their new Monetization Module to the already fantastic tool.

Check out this link, if you don’t have Market Samurai and you spend hours looking for the right keyword phrases to use – use this tool and get it down to 10 minutes!

No affiliate link here, I’m recommending a great tool.

‘DOWN’ Times

1.    Twitter and those stupid, spammy automatic ‘follow’ messages. I hate them!

“Click here for free unlimited traffic, money, sex, friends…”

“Lose 10lbs by tomorrow – click here”

“Thanks for the follow. Can’t wait to get to know you, better” Yeah right you do!

Have you EVER clicked on one? I never have.

I decided to turn all mine off.

Small little rant over!

2.    Here’s Your 21 Day Step-By-Step System to xxxxxxx – Guaranteed

What do you think when you read that headline?

I have removed the actual wording to what the headline was referring to – just for confidentiality.

I came across the headline this week and because of the subject matter I was ‘hooked’ and I read the rest of the sales page.

Started skimming the sales page and thought I wondered “how much?”

Saw the big ‘Add to cart’ button but no price. I scrolled up and down the sales page (it was long), still couldn’t find the price!

In the end I had to do a search for “$” and there it was, in the smallest font possible. And it was a monthly membership.


That didn’t match the headline “…21 Day Step-By-Step System to xxxxxxx – Guaranteed”

Why would I want to join a monthly membership, when your headline says “21 days” and why try to hide the price?

Be open!

Be up-front!

I made a note of the creator’s names. Closed the sales-page. Gone forever!

3.    Time!

I know we all don’t have enough time to do all the things we want. But some good ‘on-line’ friends have given me access to their products for review and I just didn’t have the time to review them and I feel bad about it.

In my in-box, I have the following to review:

“How to earn a full-time income through freelance writing”

“Learn How to Make Web Video That Sells”

WordPress Blog Training Videos!

Also I purchased, Mass Article Control. It was recommend by a good friend who I trust enormously. I purchased it but have not yet got round to evaluating it. But it is getting rave reviews.

So there you have it – my “Up’s” and “Down’s” of the week.

What were your on-line “Up’s” and “down’s” this week?

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6 Responses to The internet marketing bad times

  1. Andrew Stark August 17, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    That is a great topic, can really tell that you’ve been studying Yaro & Gideon’s courses. As for the twitter spam I’ve never autofollowed, so yet to experience it, but it would definately be a down.



    • BuildYourBlog August 17, 2009 at 11:06 pm #


      I originally thought the Twitter autofollow was a good idea…but it’s just a chance for someone to send you a ‘get rich quick’ link. Twitter should ban the facility!


  2. Megan May 11, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Another bad experience with Twitter autofollow. Thank you for the honest post. So many times we hear working from home the ups. Its wonderful full of stress free days. Anytime you are a business owner, their are going to be down points. Have a game plan for them, expect them and know there will be UP times again

    I am really enjoying your content

  3. Virtual Assistant Bea December 3, 2010 at 2:47 pm #

    You never failed to amuse me Andrew, I really learned a lot of things with your post. But still I am not convinced with angela’s backlinking system.

    • Andrew December 5, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

      Not convinced? Really? Worth a try for just $5 a month. No?


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