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Here’s a video where I share answers to the questions I have received about the Income Blogging Guide Membership Course.

Simply click on the button in the middle of the video screen to start. It takes a few seconds to load and don’t have your speakers up too loud as I start to speak immediately!

Below the video is also the transcript.

Here’s the link for all the details on the Income Blogging Guide Course:

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Transcript of the video:

Since the launch of our blogging, Income Blogging Guide Membership Course I’ve received quite a few questions which you’ve come and asked a little bit more about the course before people decide to go ahead and purchase or not.

And I’ve written the questions down and, because I’m not a memory man. I’m not gonna be able to remember all of the questions. So this is my little reminder list. So, if you don’t mind I’m gonna look down every now and then just to remind me all of the questions and that sort of thing.

And the first question which is coming in is basically…

Can you tell us what the Income Blogging Membership Course is?

I can but…

Let me tell you a little bit of a background first. I started my own online business about 3 years ago. I was still working 9-5, more like 8 to 8, but I was still in the corporate world and I was still working for a large corporate company.

I’m traveling around the world, been away from home all of the time, really stressful. And I loved it, I really enjoyed the world for many, many, many years.

But then, there came a time when I thought, I don’t want to carry on doing this for the rest of my life.

You know, I felt like I was gonna be stuck in the same sort of role for the next 20 years until I retire and I thought I needed something else, I needed to get out a plan.

I was turned to a few close friends and they said, let me try the internet. That’s the big thing at the moment, 3 years ago, big thing now but 3 years ago, it’s gonna be a big thing.

So I looked, I was getting excited because I was reading adverts, I was reading products and all these sales pages and they will promise me riches, they will promise me things, millions of dollars, thousands of dollars overnight.

And I bought some of them.

And I created my very first product and I was expecting it to sell thousands. I was expecting to be able to go over my boss and say, “thank you very much, thanks for all the good times, but I’m leaving within a couple of weeks.”

But I didn’t. I didn’t sell that many, I struggled, I got frustrated, I was overwhelmed because you buy one product and it only tells you a little bit about what you need to build your online business.

It might be how to create a product. Then you need another course and it might be how to build traffic. Then there might be another course which is how to build a website, how to build a sales-page, how to do copyrighting, how to build a list, how to write emails.

All these different courses by different authors and different products and I bought them all.

And some of them are really, really good.

Really good and some of them are really, really pants, really, really bad.

And, but, I could not find the one course which did everything.

I wanted to, I wanted someone to show me what I needed to build my online business. I wanted one product.

And I couldn’t find it.

Hence, I came up with the Income Blogging Guide Membership coz I thought, well, I’ve done it all, I’ve done it because come forward three years, I’ve now left the corporate world.

I left it about a year ago.

I now make my income via my online business. It took me 2 years to build it up, part-time while working in the corporate world. And I used to work at weekends and evenings and that sort of thing.

And I thought there’s hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people just like that who want to start their own online business. So I’ve created the course which covers everything you need to build your online business.

Now I’ve called it Income Blogging Guide but it’s not just about blogging.

Your blog is the main structure of it but we go into how to build a list, how to attract customers, how to gain traffic, how to create your own product, how to launch your own products, how to write sales pages, how to outsource.

It comes with everything which is required to build your own online business.

And that’s what the Income Blogging Membership Course is about.

And it sounds a lot and it is a lot.

If you look at the whole system of the course, it is a lot.

But we deliver it to you in weekly lessons.

So, week one we show you how to pick the niche for you, for your, for the start of your online business. And we show you how to do that and we have screenshots, video and that sort of thing. And then the next week we go on to building your blog and the following week we go on to something else and something else and something else.

So each week we get a small number of task to complete to build up in six months to having your own online business.

Everything you need, product, launching, traffic, visitors, customers, selling. Everything you need and eventually outsourcing it so you can concentrate on product creation itself. So as I said, it’s a big, big course but delivering small weekly, lessons.

Is it for newbies only?

It is a step-by-step process and it does take you from the very, very beginning of building an online business. So, it talks to you about how to create your niche, how to find a niche, how to find a niche with sales online, etcetera, etcetera.

So it does take you from the very, very beginning and it’s in very detailed minute instruction.

So there’s lots of screenshots, there’s lots of videos.

It’s not just theory.

We might say to you build a blog but we show you the exact steps you have to do in minute detail to build that blog. And how to set it up, etc., etc.

So yes, it’s very good for newbies but it’s also great for experienced bloggers as well.

One, because blogging changes over the years and you never go back and refresh your blog, you never go back and change things and lots of bloggers don’t.

So, experienced bloggers will learn from it as well to pick up the new ideas, the new ways of, of getting Google to love your blog, getting more customers, more traffic, to sign up and opt in, and that sort of thing.

Plus, if you’ve never created a product before, we’ll show you how to create a product.

If you’ve never launched a product before, we’ll show you how to launch a product.

So it’s a how thing.

And, plus if you’ve been blogging for a number of years, we’ll show you how to take that blog and make it into an online business because if you want to start making income from your blog, you’ve got to treat it as a business.

It’s not a blog.

A blog is the mechanism for you to build that income but it’s an online business and we take you form having your own blog to having your online business. Coz that’s the way you generate income.

What market does it work in?

I’m gonna say all markets, with a caveat, as long as it sells online. We’ve got clients who are in hypnotherapy, who are in education, who are in nutrition, who are in happiness, positive thinking, job and career.

Anything which people go online for, want to find a solution to their problem, the Income Blogging Guide Course will work for that particular market.

So that’s why I say all, but with a caveat, as long as it sells online.

And during the first lesson we’ll show you to find a niche for you, specifically for you which sells online.

So hopefully that’s clear on what sort of market it covers. It covers those which do sell online. Because if somebody blogs out there who are working their socks off and they’re never gonna make any money because they just picked the niche which doesn’t sell online. It has to sell online.

And there’s quite a lot of markets where they don’t sell online, people just do not buy those sorts of things online. They go to down the local shop, or they go to shops, they buy them from somewhere else but they don’t buy them online or very minimal buying online. So yes we just have to pick the niche that sells online.

Do you need your own product?

No. However, we recommend you do create your own product as one way of generating a good income is to create your own product. And we’ll show you how to create your own product, we’ll show you how to create a product which is gonna sell because we start looking at people’s pain problems.

Why do they go see the internet in the first place. They go there to find about information to solve their problems. So we help you create your own product in your niche which will help customers to come to your site with their problems and their pains and their issues. And hence we help you create your product.

So yes we do help you create your product if you haven’t got one already. If you have got one already, we can review that as well and have a look at that and see if it’s still, if it’s still right for the current market.

What’s the guarantee?

We have a 60-day money back guarantee. If within 60 days you don’t feel the course is for you. Tell us and we’ll give your money back. No questions, no hassle, we give you your money back straight away. It takes a couple of days to give it back because we’re working via a company called Clickbank and they take a couple of business days to give you your money back. So it’s not instant. But there’s definitely no questions from us, there’s no hassle from us and on film, on this video, I will guarantee you that you will get your money back if you tell us the course isn’t for you within sixty days.

The biggest issue with this sort of courses is the lack of support. What support are you offering?

Yeah, that’s the biggest thing we found on the research we did no matter how great is the course.

The biggest issue people have is you buy a product and you’re left alone. You buy this ebook, or you buy this audio or video course or what ever it is and the product owner is nowhere to be seen. And you’re just left alone. And you’ve purchased this product for $97, $197, whatever it is and it just tells you what to do so.

You buy the Income Blogging Guide Course, ok, and we say to you, build a blog, how to get traffic, how to build your email list, how to create great products, how to write sales pages, how to outsource, that sort of thing. You can buy a $27 book which will tell you exactly what I have just said on building your own online business but they won’t tell you how to. They would just say that’s what you’ve got to do.

You’ve got to build a blog. You’ve got to attract customers. You’ve got to get lots of traffic. You’ve got to build killer sales pages. You’ve got to build a product which customers want. You’ve got to outsource your work so you can get some freedom back. That’s a $27 theory book.

In the Income Blogging Guide Course but we’re showing you every step of the way of the how to do it.

Plus, we’ve created some fantastic support mechanisms for you guys who join us on the course. One is, we have a member’s forum, which you can get access to. And you can come and ask us any questions you want, any question you want about the course. Joel and I will monitor those, the forums every single day. We will answer those questions every single day. And you can answer as many questions as you want.

So if you want a techy question about a particular blogging for blog. If you want a review of your blog. If you want us to critique it. Come and ask us and we will critique you, and show you what’s, what we believe is missing from your blog, what you can do to gain more things.

So any question you’ve got on your blog, online business, whatever it is. If you’re creating, launching, outsourcing, we will be there for the member’s forum which you can get access to and we’ll answer all those.

Plus we have weekly live teleconferences. And if you can’t make it at the conference, you can ask us a question upfront and we’ll answer those questions live on the teleconference.

If you can’t make the teleconference call itself, we will record it as well and then you can access it, download it, listen to it at your leisure.

So we’ve really gone over the ball, I think we’ve really gone over the ball as with regards to the support mechanisms coz Joel and I researched, so many people buy these money-making products and they’re just overwhelmed, not too sure what to do next. And they usually feel alone and that’s the last thing we want from our customers.

Ok. What happens after six months? Will I still have access to the member’s area? Will I get future upgrades or new versions of the course?

Yes, yes and yes.

After six months, you actually have lifetime access to the member’s forum. And you can come and join us on the weekly teleconferences for the rest of your life. And when we update the course, review the course, change the course, we will send you updates to the course as well. So, it’s not, we don’t stop your membership after you’ve paid the six months. If you cancelled during the six months and want a refund, then yes, obviously we’re gonna stop your access to the member’s forum.

But if you paid for the six months, you’ve got lifetime access to the member’s forum, you’ve got lifetime access to the teleconferences and you’re gonna ask us any questions you want over your future online business.

Are there any additional charges after the six months?

No, you get lifetime access for free after you’ve paid the six months monthly membership.

As well as the course, how much investment is needed?

If you don’t have a blog already, which is your main mechanism on building your online income, it’s gonna cost you about of a $100 a year. And that’s in your creating a domain name, getting your hosting up and that sort of thing.

And within the course, there are some tools that we recommend. And those tools they’re not mandatory. But they are tools which will help you become more productive, more to speed things up a bit. But they’re not mandatory, they’re just tools which Joel and I use everyday of the week to, in our online business.

We only recommend tools which we actually personally used and instead of taking 3 hours to do a particular task, we might recommend a tool which takes you 5 minutes to do it. So it just saves you some time and then you can move on to the next things.

So, yes, there are some tools but they’re not mandatory.

So $100 is the other investment you’re gonna need as well as the membership cost to get going.

Now, as you go further and further into the course, you may have to pay a designer for some logos, if you want a logo or if you may want a particular premium wordpress theme for your blog or you may want a design. Those are optional extras, which you obviously have to pay for but to get started, if you don’t have your own blog already, an extra $100 also, plus the membership cost.

Please note: Included in the membership price is a choice of Premium WordPress Theme

Can you pay for the cost monthly?

Yes, you can, that’s how you do pay for the course. It’s a monthly basis, you pay one month upfront and then you have 5 more months to follow that.

So a total of six months payment and that’s for the whole course.

And just to say, if you don’t like it, or if you feel like the course is not for you within 60 days, you get your money back.

And you can keep the lessons as well, which you’ve received so far but obviously we will stop you having access to the member’s area and that sort of thing if you wanted a refund.

And that’s all the questions we’ve had so far.

As I say, if you’re interested in looking at the whole sales page and see what the whole course is about then go to

And good luck and I shall see you very, very soon.

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12 Responses to Income Blogging Guide: Questions

  1. John Sullivan May 27, 2010 at 3:14 am #

    Hi Andrew
    I do wish when I started out I took a course like this I wasted so much time like all bloggers do signing up for this trying that friending this one and that one.I like the fact that the people get to stay on for life to many sites try to constantly milk the same people that have been good to them.
    I have been wanting to stop by
    tried to stumble 🙂

  2. Julius May 28, 2010 at 12:59 am #

    Very interesting ideas and answers. And I really appreciate that you have a transcript of the video!

  3. Dennis Edell May 28, 2010 at 11:07 am #

    Free access to content after the payments are done – is there new content or free access to what’s already been paid for?
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..New Form of Human SPAM – Now via Yahoo Messenger =-.

    • Andrew May 28, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

      Haha – very funny!

      .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..Need Some Blogging Help? =-.

      • Dennis Edell May 30, 2010 at 9:23 pm #

        Hmm, a-w-k-w-a-r-d that was a serious question.

        Some times memberships like that offer an “unadvertised bonus” of fresh stuff from time to time to those that went all the way through. 😉
        .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..WTH? To Say I’m Perplexed Would be an Understatement to Say the Least =-.

  4. Jeff July 15, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    Hi Andrew.
    After months of frog kissing and money burning, I’ve been pointed to your course. If it is what everyone says it is, I’ll evangelise it from the rooftops.
    The new joiner you will get in a minute is me.
    I’m in.

    • Andrew July 16, 2011 at 3:28 pm #


      I see you are true to your word.

      Thanks for joining.

      So many people say they are going to join and never do.

      Good luck and use as much of the resources as you can.


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