How To Use Google Adwords

google-adwordsInternet marketing promotions seems to be similar to weight loss diet programs. There seem to be many options available but most of them don’t work. Out of the list of options that work and one of the most used ones is Google Adwords.

This is called the pay per click method of advertising. Anyone is able to easily incorporate this method into their online marketing plan. One of the most important points to remember is that when placing an ad you need to keep your target audience in mind. That includes making sure that you write the ads in the language that your target audience speaks. If you are using English, then don’t advertise in countries that do not have a large English speaking population.

Always test two new ads at the same time. This is commonly known as an A/B split test. This method allows you to test which ad performs the best by ascertaining the click through ratio.

Continue to use the ad that has the best performance and cancel the one that performed badly. You then write up a new ad and test it alongside the one that performed the best in the previous exercise. Continuing with this process leads to the creation of the most powerful ad.

It is very important in internet marketing promotions to include your keywords in your ads. Online ads are relatively short so it is not easy to include too many keywords and still have the ad make sense. If you are able to fit 3 or 4 keywords into your ad then you are doing very well.

Ensure that you are using the same keywords that you are using in your web site description. The reason this works is because the keywords that are typed into a search engine show up in bold in the search results. Studies have shown that ads with bolded keywords in them will be clicked more often.

Be sure to include in your ad what service or product you can provide for your customer. The problem is that you only have very limited space to play with. It is easiest to keep it simple and to use only a few words. As a good example use the words ‘get thin’ if you are offering people a weight loss program.

On the other hand, if you are trying to help people make money then just put ‘make more money’. You can see that these simple phrases are economical in terms of using up space but still inform people of what you are offering.

Use attention grabbing words such as: new, proven, discover, how to etc. Use words that encourage the customer to take action. Do ensure though that the words you are using truly fit the content of your site. Search engines such as Google might consider it spam otherwise.

As a final word of advice remove stop words from you ad. These are words such as: a, an, it, in, on, and, but, if and more. You need to ensure that every word you use in your ad helps you to persuade the customer to click through.

With these and other internet marketing promotion tips at your disposal you are sure to see an increase in the amount of traffic that visits your site as well as an increasing customer base.

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