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I’ve bounced around to a lot of tech professionals and I can honestly say that no one else’s service holds a candle to yours. I can ask questions without feeling like I’m being a bother, you saved my websites from hacker and you’ve helped me maintain a smooth experience for our readers. Really all that together makes me a very happy customer.

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Light House

I’ve had contact with Andrew many times, and he’s always delivered an excellent service. He designed my latest website in a timely manner, but without compromising on quality, and I love the layout and colours – the colours go perfectly with my logo! Andrew can always be trusted to design an excellent website for you, and he’ll work with you every step of the way. I will continue to go to Andrew for any enhancements to my site, and for the sound advice he always gives his customers.

The Lighthouse


Light House

Andrew resolved every “tecchy issue” we had with our new site, and we really appreciated his time and patience. He was more than happy to resolve the issues, yet also provide the sound advice we really needed. Andrew would always be our go-to guy because he’s excellent at what he does.

Hampshire Friends with ME


My Wine Tribe

My blog had been down for over a year due to technical issues that I was unable to face. Andrew at We Build Your Blog resuscitated the blog, helped me change to a new theme and is now my technical consultant.

He is such a pleasure to work with especially because I am not comfortable with technical jargon and he is able to understand what I am talking about and fix it.

He moves at a lightening quick speed, his prices are reasonable and there seems to be no challenge that he cant handle. I would highly recommend him!

Stephanie Bittner

My Wine Tribe


Aquilon Airconditioning

Before working with Andrew I didn’t have a website. I knew what I wanted but had heard many stories of people paying thousands of dollars for websites that didn’t work. He was referred by one of his colleagues and from the start I was impressed with his knowledge of websites and his “easy to talk to” manner.

Working with Andrew was very easy even though we are on different continents.

As a result of working with Andrew it is easier to promote my business as I have a professional site with a shopping cart, which is what I wanted.

I now have social presence, inquiries and sales that I didn’t before.

Looking forward to building more online business with him!

Aquilon Airconditioning


What I Never Told You

When my go-to guy for blog technical help changed his focus, he referred me (and all of his clients) to Andrew. As a customer I was grateful to have a trusted source who could pick up what I needed done seamlessly. I needed a website/blog for an artistic project up and running pretty quickly and Andrew’s service included all the “must-haves” for any blog or website including, among other things, links to social media, mobile compatibility, fast loading pages, SEO, and Google Analytics installation.

Working with Andrew was easy. After a few preliminary emails we connected by Skype, and the job was done including banner customization, with a rapid turnaround time. Andrew was accessible and responded to questions in a timely manner. I have already recommended him to others and would do so again. Thanks, Andrew!

What I Never Told You


Before I started working with Andrew, I had very little knowledge of websites.

I have found Andrew to be very professional, yet personable, he had a great way of explaining things to a novice like me. I was able to trust his opinion and I am very happy with the results I am getting.

I am recommending Andrew and his services to people I know!

Your Natural Path


Andrew provides an excellent level of service – he does what he says he will do when he says he will do it and his communication is first class.

My new website is making a big difference to my business. I am building up an excellent mailing list and Andrew also helped me with my social media marketing which is growing by the day.

I will never enjoy anything technical and always find it somewhat overwhelming, however it is a necessary evil in business. Andrew took the sting out of it all for me. Since completing my website I have retained his services so that he can continue to be my ‘teccie man’. It gives me a great deal of comfort and reassurance knowing that I can get on with what I am good at and what creates my income and leave the technical stuff to Andrew.

Weight Loss Mind Coach



I was introduced to Andrew by a third party and have been delighted with the outcome of our collaboration. My website was complex and difficult to use before I found Andrew. It is now easy to use, looks good and provides what I want for my business. Any requests/perceived difficulties I had before, during and after the new site was up and running, were dealt with promptly and efficiently and to my satisfaction.

My satisfaction is such that I have asked Andrew to maintain updates on the site into the future.

Thank-you, Andrew. Good luck with your business.



Andrew was recommended to me by a friend, I had been struggling on my own with my website and was unhappy with the service I was receiving from my provider. I also find techno things impossibly difficult. He has designed my new website and has given me many tips to help me on my way. Also I feel much more confident knowing I can have help in the future with my website and blogs, via Andrew’s webuildyourblog.com

Andrew explains in a straightforward, relaxed manner and honest way, which is what you want for your website and blog to be 100%. Andrew is very thorough, professional and gives 5 ***** service”.

Simply Therapies

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I have been working with Andrew since early this year and still cherish the day when we got connected. Andrew makes my life easy as he takes care of every update, upgrade and maintenance of my website I could wish for. Whenever I need a new page or membership site, he is not only entirely reliable and fast with the implementation, he also takes his time to share priceless technical and business recommendation for the setup. I highly recommend Andrew to anyone who wants to turn their virtual platform into a money making machine.

Monique Blokzyl

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I am so grateful to have found Andrew. My technical knowledge and ability is very limited but Andrew always makes me feel comfortable and explains things in terms even I can understand!! I am really happy with my new website and have found every aspect of working with Andrew to be seamless. I would certainly recommend Andrew to anyone who needs a great website and blog and wants straightforward and practical help at a great price.

Reshape Your Life

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Andrew understands the web and uses this knowledge for your benefit. He separates himself from others with great customer service. He is very responsive and provides us with solutions that fit our needs and budget. .

Kye Giscombe | Metro Polis Arena

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Andrew has been keeping care of my blog for over 3 years now. I found Andrew after taking a blogging class and it was the luckiest day of my blogging life.

At first he gave my blog a good tune-up (which it was in very bad need of). And then I took a blogging class from him, which kick started my blogging career. (Maybe I should refer to him as my V8 juice)

What really amazes me; when I need something new done on my blog all I have to do is shot him and email and he gets right back to me.

When something new is developed he knows about it and always sends an email to ask if I am interested in this new pop-up or plug-in and lets me know how it will help my blog. He keeps up with all the latest technology.

If you read about something you think you may need or want on your blog, he is going to honest with you and let you know if you would be wasting your money or not.

He not only does all my monthly maintenance, but keeps my blog running smooth and loading fast. Last year I started a new blog and he was there to set it up, council me on it and help in every way possible.

If blogs are being hacked into he is the first to protect your blog from hackers.

I have met Andrew in person and you cannot ask for a nicer person. He is amazing and always puts your needs first.

Last of all if it weren’t for Andrew, I would be lost and my dream of blogging would most likely have gotten lost. I am far from a technical person and working with Andrew is like building your blog on concrete with a strong foundation rather than sand where it will crumble.

He is the ‘NO WORRIES’ guy for any blogger out there. You can concentrate on what you like to do while he takes care of the frustrating stuff.

This ‘No Worries’ man can and does help you BUILD YOUR BLOG.

Debbie Bills | How Not To Raise A Serial Killer

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I became aware of Andrew’s services a few months ago, and I was really impressed with the websites he had developed for other therapists/counsellors.

My existing website was poor, and I really needed to start over. I felt that Andrew was the best person to approach. Andrew really supported me in making my website my own, without compromising on quality and professionalism.

He knows his stuff, and he worked with me in a way that enabled us to capture the ‘uniqueness’ of my counselling service. Andrew keeps you in the loop from the moment you start working with him. He dedicates his time to delivering what you want and in a really timely fashion.

I am really, really pleased with my completed website. It’s clean, professional, friendly and easy to navigate. I would recommend Andrew to anyone because he can deliver first-class websites.

Vicky Mould | Azalea Counselling

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I love Andrew. He’s very knowledgeable, trustworthy and available webmaster. I couldn’t live without him. Thank you!

Anne Cummings


Andrew is very polite, professional, always listening and available…


Just a few words about my experience working with Andrew.

For me it has been a long journey.

After 3 years, using 4 other web designers and wasting a lot of money, I finally discovered him.

Andrew was highly recommended by a lady from a Facebook group.

I had new functionality that I wanted on my site and could not do it myself. Andrew did a great job adding the functionality exactly as I wanted it and now he does the maintenance at a very reasonable price.

Finally my website is the one thing I have peace of mind about.

I believe that creating a blog is like a piece of art, an extension of ourselves.

Finding someone who listens to see our point in the new creation is not easy.

Andrew is very polite, professional, always listening and available.

If you think this could work for you I strongly encourage you to give him a try.

I am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Delmy Vialpando | International Living Coach

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Andrew ensures that your website engages with your customers whilst looking attractive and very professional too…

I contacted Andrew again in January 2013 as I had another idea for a project and as he’d done such a fabulous job with my first website, I didn’t hesitate to get in touch again and will always use Andrew’s quality service from now on.

I ran some ideas past him as I had an idea that I wanted to provide something unique to offer Hip Hop Artists in the Music Industry and needed a website that reflected this. Andrew was once again very helpful. What I like most about what Andrew does is he really makes you look and think about what you want when it comes to putting a site together, which is paramount as you want to stand out in your niche market and it is so important to provide customers with a service they want. Andrew ensures that your website engages with your customers whilst looking attractive and very professional too.

I would personally recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a state of the art website. All you need is an idea to get started and he will help you to bring those ideas out whilst creating a fabulous website for you. He is fantastic at what he does and is one of the most genuine people I know, a true, dedicated professional. He is also very patient and whenever I wanted to add anything or make changes to the site, he has always been very obliging.

If you are looking to get started online and you want help with your blog/website, then look no further as Andrew is the only man for the job!

Thanks for everything you have done so far Andrew. Your service rocks. I’ll be in touch again shortly with more ideas for my third website.

Andrew, You & Your Excellent Service Rock! 🙂

Best wishes

Catherine Shanahan Hip Hop Reviews


listening to my needs, and providing a great new site…

I cannot thank Andrew enough for firstly making the transition from my current webhost to WordPress seamless, but also for listening to my needs, and providing a great new site. I appreciate his patience, knowledge, suggestions and availability. Spending time explaining things in ordinary, everyday language. I am extremely happy with the end result

Wendy Capewell Counselling Hampshire

To ask Wendy Capewell about WeBuildYourBlog’s website services click here.


His responsiveness is outstanding and you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Andrew has done an excellent job getting my blog up and running. His responsiveness is outstanding and you get a lot of bang for your buck!

Mike Willner www.thewilltolose.com


I highly recommend Andrew’s services now to all of my friends and associates…


Before working with Andrew we were at a loss on how to make our website function properly with our shopping cart, membership and WP theme we selected.

Andrew’s expert advice and in depth knowledge got our systems up and running quickly. Even when our technology partners had issues – Andrew stayed the course and worked diligently with their tech support to resolve them.

Andrew spent many late nights dealing with them on our behalf from the UK and we deeply appreciate all he’s done,to help our site www.ExtremeFocus.com become the leading online mental performance training center. I highly recommend Andrew’s services now to all of my friends and associates.

–David Boufford, Project Manager www.ExtremeFocus.com


wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew…


I got in touch with Andrew Rondeau from We Build Your Blog to set me up with a new website for my firm (Retirement Income Advisors). I’ve worked with a lot of on-line firms in the past, and have struggled to find a firm I can trust. When I started to work with Andrew, he was on hand for any questions I asked, and provided great customer service throughout the whole process. I’m really pleased with the results, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew to anyone looking to work with a skilled web developer for their firm.

Steve Apostolides Retirement Income Advisors


Andrew’s great to work with, highly skilled, and an asset to any business…


I contacted Andrew Rondeau from We Build Your Blog to develop a website for me to increase my customer visibility. From day one of working together, he has been professional, supportive and intuitive about what I need. He’s since designed and launched a great site that really reflects what I asked for. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone looking to get a good web site and provide support with social media. He’s great to work with, highly skilled, and an asset to any business.

Sean Murphy ice cream van hire coventry


The work is always delivered on time and he’s forever willing to go beyond what is required.


I’m a writer and editor and have very limited technical skill. The success of my online business depends on how well I can present my work to my audience and clients. Without clean pages, links that work and good SEO I couldn’t show my business in the best possible light. Andrew has helped me do all of these and much more. The work is always delivered on time and he’s forever willing to go beyond what is required. I’d recommend his services for any online entrepreneur who’s serious about his/her brand and business. I’ve benefited greatly from Andrew’s skill.

Anne Lyken-Garner home improvement site


If you are looking to grow your online presence, I strongly recommend working with Andrew.


Andrew is an asset to our ongoing website and social media needs. He responds quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. Andrew plays a consultative role in many aspects to our online needs.

He’s an excellent listener and communicator.

I appreciate Andrew slowing down the process for me by taking small bites of the elephant. This controlled approach is much easier on the budget, yet, I can see us making strides in our overall goal.

If you are looking to grow your online presence, I strongly recommend working with Andrew.

Todd Skertich Adventures in Medicine


Andrew who has shown us what excellent service looks like.

Since we started business two years ago we have used a number of suppliers to develop our website and blog.

All were OK but we recently we came across Andrew who has shown us what excellent service looks like.

He has become our benchmark.

He really knows his stuff when it comes to WordPress and has been incredibly helpful, responsive and above all accurate.

Once you explain what you want he just gets on and does it… fast and right first time. Amazing.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your WordPress website or Blog, I cannot recommend Andrew too highly.

Mark Frost, Tenders-UK http://www.tenders-uk.com


Andrew is the most responsive and flexible person I’ve worked with.


Andrew at WeBuildYourBlog.com is the most responsive and flexible person I’ve worked with.

Simply through email, we were able to make functional design changes to my site that are attracting more visitors and making them stick around.

The first day he updated my newsletter sign-up form, the number of subscribers tripled!

With Andrew’s help, my site is now more professional, more elegant, and more importantly, is helping me reach my goals. Thanks!

Jason Fitzgerald Strength Running http://www.strengthrunning.com


I was impressed with the excellent service.

The entire job was performed with total customer focus. Nothing was too much work and all requests were delivered with minimum fuss.

Not only am I very pleased with how my blogs work now but I have found as a bonus that my blog appeals more to my readers and my traffic has jumped up considerably (by 43% in one month). Not only that but my subscriber base
has increased without my having to spend any effort on persuasive tricks.

I would highly recommend We build your Blog.

Anja Merrit



Andrew is highly knowledgeable about blogs, and you can get your blog up and running successfully and fast. Andrew has helped me immeasurably with my blog and he is patient and good natured and a wonderful teacher.

I recommend him as the blog mentor extraordinaire!

Marilyn Gordon

From the Heart of Marilyn Gordon



The end result is a fantastic site that is attracting a lot more attention and visitors than my old one.

Tanya Stocken

Nutritional Coach



Andrew has extensive knowledge about internet marketing, SEO and building web sites/blogs. His course explained everything in an easy to understand way and I now have a web site that is generating me new clients and producing income from internet product sales.

Tracy Mason

Clinical Hypnotherapist



I approached Andrew in February 2010, because I needed to enhance the way I communicated my business.

As the owner of a small Communications company, most of my clients come through word of mouth and recommendations.

I knew there was potential to improve my marketing capabilities, but had no idea where to start.

I had been running a blog ineffectively for about a year.

Posting articles was no problem – I just didn’t know how to get the audience I needed.

Andrew provided consultancy and hands-on support to migrate my blog to a new platform which enabled much more functionality. He redesigned it, and migrated the old content across to the new site perfectly.

As a slight technophobe, I was apprehensive about changing anything, but Andrew made the process simple and intuitive.

Throughout the project, he was on hand to provide expert advice, reassurance and support. I now have a blog which looks great, and has all the functionality necessary to transform my communications capabilities. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who needs a helping hand to get started in the blogging industry.

He is patient, knowledgeable and a true expert in his field.

Jen Syrkiewicz




Thank you, Andrew, for all the changes you have made to our website.

But that’s not all we want to thank you for. Working with you has been so extremely efficient and also enjoyable. You have excellent.php, WordPress etc. skills and also a skill to create a very positive working atmosphere
with your clients.

You have always been there for us…so quick and so helpful.

It is easy to ask you to do something – you catch all the ideas so quickly and put them to life so accurately and efficiently.

And you are so generous! Thank YOU!

Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko

Start A Home Internet Business



I was introduced to Andrew by a dear friend Corinne Edwards and Andrew as transformed by blog in ways that have reaped results. My membership has gone up and my blog always looks clean and easy to read. Whenever I send Andrew a request to check out – it’s ALWAYS prompt and easy to understand. In my humble opinion he is the BEST when it comes to knowledge of the blogging world.

In gratitude,


Creator/Founder of http://www.MakeGirlfriends.com


Andrew was instrumental in getting my blog the facelift it deserved. I have worked with Andrew on a few occasions now and his work ethic and quality is stellar. Thanks Andrew for the much needed WP services you provide.

Dwight Anthony



The best blog builder, and the best blog maintenance, I’ve ever met is Andrew Rondeau. This fellow is an authentic professional in every sense of the word. He’s lightning fast, knowledgeable, competent, a skilled listener. He goes the extra mile. He’s able to share his passion for his work and products without being pushy. He as other great internet skills, too, but his most impressive attribute is mastery of website building.

Need a website built, re-built, renovated or maintained?

In every decision there’s an element of fear and confidence. If you’re like me, it’s a no-brainer, you go with confidence. Then go with Andrew and webuildyourblog.com.

– Beat Schindler, Atlanta GA



I have been online since 1996 and in that time I have been involved in the development of almost 400 web sites for my clients. I have worked with a wide variety of vendors and I have to tell you that Andrew @ We Build Your Blog has far exceeded my expectations. In addition to his vast knowledge and expertise, he is a genuinely great guy, who always goes the extra mile. I highly recommend him, in fact I only recommend him now for web development.

David Boufford,
Business Growth Consultant | Professional Encourager



Andrew Rondeau is the genius behind https://www.webuildyourblog.com/.

And yes, he will build your blog until you are so happy you want to tell everyone about him.

But, then what?

There are some serious non techs who are writers. That’s what we do.

Our main problem is when something goes wrong at the back end of the blog. And it does sometimes.

Who will fix it and how long will it take?

Not me. I would not know a plugin if it was delivered to my front door by UPS.

Andrew is there with a monthly maintenance program. I am a subscriber. He fixes everything immediately and gets me up and running fast.

He also throws in an hour every month for whatever you need to do that you have no idea how to do.

Without a bit of scolding.

His favorite expression is –

“No worries.”

He is right.

If you work with Andrew, you will never worry again.

Corinne Edwards



I am very happy to provide a testimonial for Andrew Rondeau. All the parts of the process of working with Andrew were a pleasure. He clarified what I was wanting and he delivered it without fuss. He was courteous and prompt in all his dealings with me. I have no hesitation in recommending Andrew to anyone who wants work done on their blog.

Evan Hadkins



We have worked with Andrew on many projects and will continue working with him because his work is excellent and on time.

Andrew’s understanding of online media technology and his client’s needs has made him more than a company we work with. He is a valuable partner to have on any project.

I would not hesitate to ad Andrew to your project if you are looking for excellence, creativity and solutions.

Vickie Helm
Director Special Projects
Worldwide Media Pros.


Without Andrew, I wouldn’t even have a blog — I would still just be sitting here, staring at my computer, feeling confused and helpless. With Andrew, I no longer fear confusion and it’s impossible to feel helpless. He exerts any and all necessary efforts to resolve any problem or perplexity — quickly, kindly, intelligently, up to and including IM exchanges in real time via skype. I would urge anyone at any level of expertise (or not) to make the most of his extraordinary talent.

Erla Zwingle



Andrew is highly knowledgeable about blogs and very customer service focused. I knew nothing about blogs and Andrew was very kind, patient, pleasant to work with, receptive and responsive. Work was delivered in timely manner and if I need anything done for blog again I would use Andrew. If you are looking for quality work, excellent customer service and someone that really gets YOU and your needs, I recommend Andrew!.


I wanted a stylish website that presented my original abstract art in a visually attractive way. Andrew came highly recommended to me as a “no nonsense” practitioner. He does exactly what he says he will do: I give him the parameters to work within and he provides a quick and precise service. You will receive nothing but the best from Andrew!

Andrew is always available to complete updates and changes to my website at a reasonable rate. I now have a very stylish, attractive site that I am very proud of; throughout the whole process of building a website, Andrew has been the logical voice of reason which I have been grateful for.

Now it’s my turn to highly recommend Andrew to anyone that needs a responsive and accurate service . . .



Thank you Andrew for your patience in getting my website and on-line courses on-line and selling. You were fantastic in learning the delivery platform software that I had chosen and you were across the complexities quickly. Your detailed approach in setting guidelines and deliverables bought my focus back to where it should be and got the job done. Thank you for all your efforts it was a pleasure.

Jane Slack-Smith Founder Your Property Success www.yourpropertysuccess.com.au


Andrew was nothing but professional and helpful when it came to building my blog Trendy Advice. I had lots of questions and he thoughtfully answered each and every one with patience, while also giving great advice. I highly recommend using Andrew to help with your blog if you want someone who will not only get the job done efficiently, but care about you as a client in the process.

Annie Briggs



Andrew was kind enough to offer up his own time as part of an initiative to make the world a better place, and I was one of the beneficiaries of that effort. He spent an hour with me working on improving my bounce rate; he suggested several helpful strategies. Most importantly, he helped me with some key processes to help speed up my site, which had bogged down considerably with overuse of graphics. Andrew helped me get set up with Rackspace, which helped so much. From a load time of almost 30 seconds, the site sped up to about a 6 second load. Thanks so much, Andrew!

Amy LeForge



Andrew is the real deal and he knows his stuff! His customer service is superb and he gets your work done FAST! You won’t need to wait around for endless weeks to see results. Most importantly he works on the site as if it’s his own, thus you are assured that you will get the best quality service. I now give Andrew all of my new and old sites to work on. Trust me; you cannot go wrong with this gentleman!

Allan Nkata owner of www.easywaytoloseweightt.com


I’ve spent insane amounts of money in the past with former webmasters until I discovered Andrew Rondeau.

His work is impeccable and his prices are incredibly reasonable.

The fact that he has his own online business makes a huge difference because as he has a good understanding of marketing. Another strong point of Andrew’s is that he has such a positive disposition. I have recommended Andrew to many contacts of mine because he delivers (period)!

Women Entrepreneurs HQ



I first connected with Andrew in early 2010 as I was looking to start a blog. I didn’t do anything straight away as I could not decide what subject to write about. Every so often I contacted him with ideas and found him very honest and helpful. He gave me some great advice and I found him very inspiring because he makes you sit down and think about what it is you really want to do and whether it can work for you online. He gives you all the time you need and you never feel you are taking up too much of his time.

It was towards the end of 2011 before I was ready to start working on something. I came up with an idea and thought of Andrew straight away. I wanted him to create a website for me.

I cannot recommend him highly enough and if you are looking for
a cutting edge website/blog to take your business to the next level, then Andrew will do this for you.

He has provided me with an excellent standard of service throughout and puts so much time and effort into what he does.

Andrew runs a very prompt, reliable and professional service.

Andrew is a very down to earth, honest guy who gets the job done. He is also very patient and I’m sure I tested his patience a few times!

My website has been nothing short of outstanding and everyone who has seen it so far says how very professional it looks.

A state of the art looking website is so important to any business as it is paramount for getting your message out there. If you want professionalism, contact Andrew and he will work with you to get your website or blog up and running and help you with technical support also which is a big plus as I would not have had a clue what to do on that side of things. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing and SEO which I find so valuable.

He was excellent and very accommodating whenever I wanted anything changed on my website. I am looking forward to working with him again in the very near future.

Andrew, You Rock! 🙂

Best wishes

Catherine Shanahan
West Midlands
England 🙂




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