The format is so important when you write an article

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This sounds like a particular uninspiring topic. What does the format have to do with how to write articles? It actually does have some relevance. In fact the newspaper and magazine publishers have made format into an art.

Watch this video and see what I mean…the transcript of the video of below.

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Hi, it’s Andrew Rondeau here from the

Now today we’re going to talk about format and the format of your articles because the format of your articles is extremely important.

You might think that worrying about how your article looks is not that important, yet it really, really is.

It’s specially important if you write for the internet, because the internet is designed for people, people to read quickly. That means you want to have short paragraphs, short sentences and lots and lots of wide space.

These are all great ideas and tips to bear in mind when you’re writing your article.

So let’s have a quick look at a few examples to see how this work out.

Now, people love to read about celebrities and we don’t wanna read about a novel.

We don’t wanna read, sorry, we don’t wanna read a huge novel about celebrities because you know, there’s not that many which are worth writing a novel about.

But we do love a little bit of gossip and a little bit of scandal don’t we.

So we enjoy it when those really wealthy and famous individuals have a bit of hard luck in their lives.

So same as ordinary, ordinary people have all the time.

You know, it makes us feel a little bit better about our ordinary lives when these famous people have a little bit of hard luck in their lives. So, this site here, perezhilton.

Now, this is a really nice, littler celebrity site. But it’s renowned for it’s bitchy comments and its sarcastic commentary. However, it’s not a little site at all, it can brag as one of the biggest readership in terms of blogs.

Now what has he done with his articles?

Let’s have a quick look here.

And by the way it’s a him.

He takes a picture of a celebrity and he has a short paragraph giving us the low down of what they’ve said and it’s almost like an extended caption on the actual photograph.

So there’s Chris Pine. Star trek hottie Chris Pine went searching in LA on Saturday for a copy of the New York Times and succeeded.

So, you know, a little bit of gossip about Chris Pine and that’s it really.

Now that’s all we’ve got time for, isn’t it?

We don’t want a whole novel. We don’t wanna read a whole romance novel. We just want a quick and dirty information about our favorite celebrities.

Now, let me go over to a different example and now this is the national geographic website, again, it’s all about pictures.

Now, the national geographic magazine have always been famous for their award-winning photographers. So the site is showcased in amazing photography and video as you would expect.

If you dig a little bit deeper and you’ll see some great copies as well.

So this is one of their articles, let’s just click on this other tab here. And you can see that they have actually put in a fair amount of words here and is some really great, fascinating information on the Hubble telescope.

And you notice how long the paragraphs are. It looks as though you’re gonna read a lot, lot slower than the select gossip page to make sure you know all the information.

The select gossip page which is a quick glance, who’s in the news and what they are doing. This one you’re interested in the subject, you’re gonna learn something. You, you’re gonna read some advice about a particular subject.

So keep an eye out for those different styles and formats of articles on the internet.

See whether or not you can work out whether they’ve written for a quick reading or for slow absorption of loads of information.

What are your articles gonna be about?

Are they gonna be for the quick readers or are they providing advice and for those who want to, to learn something and absorb all, absorb all that fascinating information.

So until next time, good luck with your article writing and I shall speak to you very, very soon.

All the best, thanks, bye.

Click here for your free extract of “How to write articles for maximum effect”


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2 Responses to The format is so important when you write an article

  1. Becky Holland July 26, 2010 at 8:14 pm #

    Wow… what a great, and somewhat lengthy… post on why not to write a lengthy post… lol! 😉

    In general, I’d agree. Getting your point across as quickly as possible is best in blogging. No need to draw the topic out with a flourish of unnecessary commentary to show off your writing skill… save those for the book you’ll write someday! 🙂

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