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How To Get Your Customers To Love You More

Have you noticed how the internet, your mail box and your post box have become swamped with information over the past few years?

It seems that as companies understand the value and importance of regular communication, more and more firms are bombarding us with marketing materials, promotional literature and newsletters, to the extent that we could spend entire days wading through the detail and not really getting anything of value from it.

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How To Build Relationships By Mastering Autoresponders


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Imagine if you had a personal assistant to support your online business, that responded within minutes to customer requests, managed your subscriber list perfectly, and sent out perfect e-mails at the time you most needed them to go out, because they understood exactly what you wanted to say, and when you wanted to say it?

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How To Convert More Visitors Into Customers


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There’s no bigger quality in a business person than telling the truth, all the time.

Customers who feel that their vendor is honourable and true to their word will listen when new products are reviewed, be easily persuaded to make sales based on the word of their trusted vendor, and be much more likely to refer other people to them.

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