Up and Down blogging times 5 September

biz-woman-thumbs-downSo this is what happened this week:

The ‘up’ times


Using a month on month comparison, my traffic grew by 15% between July and August. I’ve set myself a monthly increase target of 10%, so achieving 15% is cool.

Problem is now, getting 10% month on month when the actual is 15% makes it a little bit harder. But you must have stretching targets, mustn’t you?

Number one spots

I mentioned in my link building campaign post earlier this week that this blog is now in the number one spot (out of 47.9million sites) for the keyword phrase “make a blog income”. Taking over the number one spot from the mighty Steve Pavlina!
And The Digital Archives is in the number one spot (out of 71.6 million sites) for the keyword phrase “article writing service

So, yeah I am really pleased with those results.

The ‘Down’ times


Hold on! That’s in the up times as well, how come?

I know. It’s in the up times because month on month my traffic grew by 15%…but week on week, my traffic decreased by 7%.

So I’m going to have to see why!

TweetMeme WordPress Plugin

I thought I’d installed the TweetMeme plugin, this week. The plugin makes it real easy for visitors to ‘re-tweet’ your blog posts and every re-tweet can mean more visitors to your site.

I install the plugin.

It works on the home page where I have the post summaries, but when I look at each individual post…the plugin isn’t working.

I change a few settings. Still not working.

I ‘deactivate’ the plugin and try manually. Still not working.

I must have spent a good 2 hours trying to get the plugin to work AND IT’S STILL NOT WORKING!

I simply cannot get it to work.

So, I’ve left it. I might come back to it because it is a great little plugin (when it’s working!)

What were your on-line “Up’s” and “down’s” this week?

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2 Responses to Up and Down blogging times 5 September

  1. Joel September 5, 2009 at 10:25 am #

    Hey Andrew, that’s great news for the most part! Tough targets are great but can be a little demotivating if you start missing them, but sounds like you won’t have that problem. Great news on your link building strategy too.

    TweetMeme – have you tried these instructions?

    • Andrew Rondeau September 6, 2009 at 12:11 am #


      Thanks for dropping by.

      For me, having the stretching targets means I have to think of and find new ways to do things…well’s that’s my thinking!

      I did try the manual way of adding the TweetMeme button and even that didn’t work!

      I was trying when I was feeling frustrated though – so I should try again now I’ve calmed down!


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