Is Your BLOG Having Low Opt-in rates?

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A few weeks ago I was invited by Pawan of MaxBlogPress to test his brand new plugin called ‘Subscribers Magnet‘ which improves your blog’s customer opt-in rates.

Here’s my opinion about it. Check out the video. The video transcription is below.

The live date is soon so if you want to get in early and gain by being one of the ones who gets the early discount Pawan is going to offer, sign up now – just click on the link in the video or here:

Subscribers Magnet

First of all, ‘Subscribers Magnet‘ is a wordpress plugin which claims will rapidly build your email list.

With the plugin, you have the option to add your opt-in form all over your blog.


Top, bottom, within the blog posts.

Comment area

It also has the footer pop-up and pop-over functions

You can SEND “automatic” and highly-personalized ‘thank you messages’ by email, on the first occasion someone comments on your blog? In that message you can invite them to join your newsletter or rss feed.

You have unique tracking available for each subscription method – you will know for sure which forms perform better than others; with this new found knowledge, you’ll be able to boost your sign-up rate like never before!

All in one plugin.

The great thing about this little plugin is that you have full control over the look, feel, location and functionality of your forms; the plugin works with AWeber, GetResponse, and all the other major autoresponders out there.

Between now and the live date, I shall be testing it out to see what impact it has on my subscription numbers.

The live date is soon so if you want to get in early and gain by being one of the ones who gets the early discount Pawan is going to offer, sign up now – just click on the link in the video or here:

Subscribers Magnet

Video Transcript:

Hello there, Andrew Rondeau here from A few weeks ago I was invited by Pawan of MaxBlogPress to test his brand new plug-in called Subscribers Magnet.

Now, first of all let me tell you what Subscriber’s Magnet is. It’s a WordPress plugin and the claim is from he owner, from Pawan. It’s gonna rapidly build your customer list. It allows you to have the option to add lots of optin forms and ways for your visitors and customers to opt-in and subscribe to your list or rather you blog.

So for instance, if you, this is my blog here, you can see on the screen. I have used the plugin to build this opt in  here, so there’s an opt-in here on my site by my widget. And if I click on the, a blog post for instance, this one here, then what will happen is that you’ll see at the bottom of the blog post is another option to fill-in and complete. So there  it is there.

So at the bottom of the blogpost you get another opportunity to complete my opt-in and get your free guide. And if I come down further past all the different comments, you’ll also see that you’ve got this box here saying, Check the box to receive my FREE multi-media blogging guide and that’s made by the plugin as well.

There’s lots of other things as well which the plugin does, you can get a footer, popups where a little popup comes up at the bottom and invites the customer to put in their optin details to get your free guide or subscribe to your newsletter or subscribe to your RSS, whatever you want and you can say, only display it once or everyday or all the time, lots of different options on that.

Or you can also get a popup where you can physically get a popup over your blog through some period of time and it could be displayed and you can also send automatic and highly personalized thank you messages by email to the person when they first write comments, when they write a comment on your blog, then you can set it up so that it will automatically send them a welcome and thank you email.

Which say thank you or whatever you want to say but thanks on your commenting on my blog blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. By the way, why don’t you sign up and get my free guide or subscribe to my RSS link or whatever you wanna do. Now, what it is, is you have complete control over the look and the feel, location and functionality of all the different opt-ins.

And the plugin works with aweber, get response and all the other major auto responders available.

And the other good thing about it is that you actually get a unique tracking code, so when someone opts in, you get an email and it tells you where they’ve opted in from. So if they’ve opted in from this checkbox here, I know. If they’ve opted in from the sidebar over here, it’s a different message I get. And if they’ve opted in from this box here, then there’s a different message, so you can track where people are opting in from and from that you can put some more effort into possibly other areas which they have not opted in or where, maybe put on more effort into where they are opting in and maybe just tweak it a little bit more so you get more optins.

You can see where people are opting in from so it’s really good as well. So let me just very, very quickly show you the insides of the plug-in cause this is not like it, you can’t buy it but Pawan let me and others have a look, which is very nice of him. So this is the actual plugin once you get, once you put it live so, you basically say which sort of form service are you using, so which email provider are you using and so I use aweber so you see here’s a great, big, long list of all the different ones which are available, so aweber, free autobot, getresponse, 1shoppingcart, etc, etc. So there’s a few there.

Even basically you have to tell it what list you’re using or what list you want to opt-in to, so it’s nice and easy. So you just pick up your list form aweber or whatever it is and tell him which one are these. And then it picks up all the form details from aweber automatically and then you basically complete the details of what you want your form to look like so, over here you can see what mine looks like, you can do an update preview by changing what you want to change in here, you get an update of it over here.

There’s lots of good things where you could change the background color, the border color. So if I change the background color, let’s change it here for a minute, I won’t save it but, up pops a little color.

If I change it to, let’s change it to that color there. You can see over here that it has actually changes. So you can see real-time what it’s gonna look like if you wish to save that. Now obviously, I’m not gonna save that. You can change the border colors, so this is the border color of the whole outside. Again, you can change it to all the different colors you want and that sort of thing. And then you got another button here saying more customization. So you can now come down and say, these are my optin fields, name and email and you can actually format them as well so you can have a different font, you can bold it, underline it, size it and you can have the color of the text. You can have it background color of the area, you can have a border color, etc, etc.

So there’s lots and lots of different things you can do to change your form and how it looks and how it feels. And then over here, you basically check the box where you actually wanna place the form.

So, here you can post it, click the box and put it within the post here you can say within a single post, which is what I’m doing, I’ve got it down at the bottom. You can put it at the top, at the bottom, top of the first post, bottom of the last post and you could click all of these if you wanted to. It might look a bit over too much but I’ve just got it within a single post at the bottom and then here you got the sidebar widget.

So if you click this button here, it will take you over to your widgets, it opens up a new page. It opens up the widgets and you’ll see that I’ve just included the widget and it’s all automatic. The widgets created so I’ve got it here. So I’ve got the MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet and you basically, it picks it all up and again if you wanna change it and you can change formatting and more customization, either the borders and all that sort of stuff. So if I change the, let me change some of the, here, if I change the border color to, if I click the button it will be easier than remembering a hex number. So if I click the palette, I can change it to, let me change it to green and then you can see that the border of the name and email areas are changed to green.

So you can see that there. So it’s really easy to play with, if I shut that box down, it opens up a new box and then here you can do your popin, you can do your footer popup, you can Subscribers, so if they comment you basically check a box to say, if you’re making a comment then here, I’ve got here, Subscribe Check Box at the Bottom of Comment Form, so this is basically what I’m saying.

Let’s go look over at the blog post, so you can see that this bit here, at the bottom of the blogpost, this here, Check the Box to Receive my FREE Multi-Media Blogging Guide. That is created by me just clicking on that button there.

So if I unclick that go back to the blog posts and refresh.

You’ll see that it will actually go and it’s all automatic, you don’t have to do any work. Once you’ve set your form up, it’s all automatic. So you can see that that’s gone, there’s nothing there now. Oh no, it’s still there, I wonder if that’s…  Did I save? I don’t think I saved. So I’m gonna save that and then do a refresh again.

My mistake. So easy it is to make a mistake when you guys are all watching me.

So I just want to make sure that that finishes. My internet goes really slow when I’m on the video. So if I do a refresh this time, hopefully the box is gone, it was because I didn’t save. I scroll down and the live date is soon. So if you want to get in early and be one of the ones who gets the early discount, cause I know Pawan’s gonna offer an early discount for the first x number of people or for a particular time span, then you might wanna sign up now and then get informed of when it goes live and when it’s available. If you just click on the link in this video and speak to you all very, very soon.

All the best. Byebye.

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16 Responses to Is Your BLOG Having Low Opt-in rates?

  1. Vipin July 7, 2010 at 4:28 pm #

    Appreciating the comments of users by sending emails to them works like a charm i think, and in turn it increases the chances of subscribing. Gonna check that plugin, thanks for sharing this Andrew.
    .-= Vipin@Romantic SMS´s last blog ..Romantic SMS 29-6-2010 =-.

  2. Aaron July 7, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    Not a bad idea. I’ve used similar plugins but most of them only email the commenter with a link to the feed and thank them for commenting. I have found that even sending a thank you email goes a long way toward subscription rates.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Free Blogs =-.

  3. Jason July 8, 2010 at 4:44 am #

    I think your approach is good enough to convince new visitors to sign up for your free blogging guide, seeing as it’s placed after the content and on the comment sections. It looks more natural and more likely to convert and I can also say that it’s not annoying, unlike with other websites that it look too forceful. Just noticed it.


  4. Kristi July 8, 2010 at 1:45 am #

    What do you think is a good opt-in rate, as far as the ratio between new visitors to your site and number of signups per day?
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Article Marketing Promotion with Blog Commenting =-.

    • Andrew July 8, 2010 at 7:46 am #


      Great question!

      On a blog the opt-in conversion rate is much, much lower than a squeeze page.

      The blog normally has a lot of other distractions and ‘blindness’ can cause people to miss the opt-in.

      Hence the reason for adding the opt-in in different areas of your blog and using different techniques like the automatic email when a visitor first comments.

      For new visitors, a good opt-in rate would be 10%.

      Squeeze pages have a much higher opt-in rate as they have no distractions.

      Mine, gets over 60% conversion:

      .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..Is Your BLOG Having Low Opt-in rates =-.

  5. Dennis Edell July 8, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    Just be sure the comment thanks is set to ONLY the first comment made.

    There are other plugins that do the same thing and there is nothing more annoying then getting the generic thanks after every comment. 😉
    .-= Dennis Edell @ Direct Sales Marketing´s last blog ..Have You Written Any WordPress 30 Feature Posts =-.

    • Andrew July 8, 2010 at 2:58 pm #


      I’ve replied to many comments and I only received the email once. I hope you do too!

      .-= Andrew @ Blogging Guide´s last blog ..Push Your Blogs Pleasure Buttons =-.

  6. Luqman July 9, 2010 at 6:29 am #

    I think it is going to be a nice plugin for WordPress and very useful resource for mail listing.

  7. July 12, 2010 at 9:13 am #

    Thanks for your submission to the Eighty Third edition of the Blog Carnival: Blogging. Your post has been accepted and its live:

  8. Jason October 11, 2010 at 3:55 pm #

    Thanks for this recommendation. I don’t say I will for sure use this plugin – but I can definately see why you can boost your overall opt-in rates.

    • Andrew October 12, 2010 at 9:17 am #


      My opt-ins have grown significantly since using the plugin…so I do recommend it to anyone who wants to build their own list.


  9. kevin July 21, 2012 at 1:39 am #

    Hi just bought plugin a couple of days ago not seen the rush yet!!! but looks good

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