Is It Just a BIG Lie?

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Internet Business Coach Terry Dean (in the red shirt!)

Internet Business Coach Terry Dean (in the red shirt!)

What a great heading don’t you think?

Not mine I’m afraid…but Internet Business Coach Terry Dean’s over at

Terry really helped me in my early stages of building my Internet business. Unfortunately I didn’t come across Terry until my internet business was set up and running.

In those days I was also working full-time for a large corporate company. Working long hours for the corporate and then working in the evenings and weekends on building my own on-line business.

And this article by Terry is a must read for anyone, not just starting out in their on-line business but also for those who are perhaps one or two years in.

Terry says:

1.    You’re not likely to make any money in your first couple of months.
2.    You’re not going to have a 4-hour work week this year.
3.    Your first few checks won’t be very large.

Absolutely true.

Three years ago, I thought I would make my first product, earn $millions and retire. Three years later, many products later, I’m still working as hard as ever and although the checks have got bigger, it did take a while before I received any checks!

These days part of my on-line business service (and income) is building blogs and websites for clients and one of the first questions I ask is “Why do you want your blog / website?”

The response I get back determines if I want to work with this person.

The internet is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

I tell my prospective customers the truth, as I know it. You are not going to become rich, you are not going to work a 4 hour day…you ARE going to have to work hard…you ARE going to be frustrated…making money is dependant upon so many factors.

Sometimes I lose customers as a result. That’s fine. I’d rather manage and exceed the customer’s expectations.

So what’s been your on-line experience?

Different to what Terry outlines?

Read the full article here: Is it just a big lie

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One Response to Is It Just a BIG Lie?

  1. Tal Fighel August 18, 2009 at 6:06 am #

    I also read Terry’s article and it was very true and interesting. For me, it took me about 4 LONG years to finally KNOW how to make a full time income online. Yes, I had a good mentor who is my friend now which I totally respect.

    I see too many people who think that they will make a lot of money in their first month and when this does not happen, they QUIT.


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