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How to use Article Directories for great exposure

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Adding some of your blog posts to Article directories are a great way to get exposure for your articles. It also provides some great backlinks to your blog.

Check out this video and let me explain…

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Video transcript:

Hello there, Andrew Rondeau from the DigitalArchives.com.

Remember in the last video, we spoke about how we can build backlinks to you website by putting your articles on the Ezine Directories and the article directories.

Well, not only do you get great backlinks, which improves your Google Ranking and page ranking etc. But, it’s actually a great exposure for you as an individual and for you and your website and your articles as well.

The article directories are a wonderful way to get you and your business, whether you’re online or offline, some real great exposure. You write your article, you submit them to the directory and you have it expose you to a whole load more of new readers, which you have never have, otherwise had access to and it only takes a few minutes to actually to add your article to the directory, to the directory articles.

Now, again in the, in the booklet which we gave you, the pdf, How to Write Articles, as a matter of fact, we give a list of the most popular Ezine article directories and again, I just wanna share with you a couple of those so we’ve got Ezine directories as I’ve said before.

There’s also Search Warp and Search Warp is another really great one with regards to backlinks, it’s another page, uh, high-ranking article directory and you can see the, on here, they have many, many different types of subjects and these are all the categories you can see down here, Animals and Business and Careers, Entertainment, Fashion and all sorts.

So you can easily find the category for your article.

And Ehow as well is an even higher page ranking website. This one has got a page rank of 7. So it’s a fantastic one for your  articles as well.

And from that, you’ll get a great page rank and great exposure. In fact I think ehow is, is one of the best ones where I’ve seen comments added to your articles and that sort of thing.

I get lots of exposure on ehow, it’s definitely worth doing.

Now, so, so what actually gets you that great exposure. What is the actual resource box, the little bit about you, the author at the bottom of the article that you’ve written. That’s the one which you use to sell yourself, without selling yourself and you have a link back to your blog or your website.

And if you look in Ezine Articles, they have the, I mean really easy way to add the details of your Resource Box. So if I go back to Ezine Articles for a moment, the actual owner has his, Christopher Knight, this guy here is the actual owner of Ezine articles and he has written and article on, Having the Perfect Author Resource Box and if you see this, this is the domain up here and he has written, How to Write the Perfect Author Resource Box and he s the owner of Ezine Articles, it’s definitely worth listing to.

So you do need to be careful of what to include in your Resource Box.

Obviously, you want to be informative about yourself, your business interests, what you want to promote and you wanna show a link back to your blog or your website. So the individual can benefit from further information. So you need to write about yourself in the third person.

And I would suggest you use your name as well and write something about yourself, mention what you’re expert at and what you’re passionate about and invite your visitors to come over to your blog, your website and have an incentive such as a free report or some sort of benefit to really entice them to come over.

And obviously in this article you can see that Chris actually says what not to include in your Resource Box as well. So what does it say, these are essential, your name, your website address, your elevator pitch, which is your one or 3 sentences about yourself and what you want them to, what you want the visitor do next.

So, let’s have a look at his, himself. So, Christopher Knight invites you to submit your best quality original articles for massive exposure to the high traffic EzineArticles expert author community.

When you submit your articles to EzineArticles.com your articles will be picked up by Ezine Publishers who will reprint your articles with your content and links intact giving you traffic surges to help you increase your sales. To submit your articles, set up a membership account today.

And there’s a link here. So, basically as I was saying, this is what the benefit is to you if you put your article on Ezine directories, you’ll get a lot more exposure, you’re gonna be picked up by other publishers, they’re gonna reprint your article and that’s great exposure for you. Of course it improves the traffic and if you wanna do that now, just click here. So that’s basically what he’s saying in his resource box and that’s great exposure when you get a great resource box like that for you to come back to your website, for people to be enticed to come back to your website.

So submit your articles, make sure you got that perfect resource box which entices the customer to come over to see more information about you and your site and what you got to offer and until the next video, I shall speak to you very, very soon and see you then. Thanks. Bye.

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  1. David Stillwagon September 21, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

    it is a good way to get backlinks
    .-= David Stillwagon´s last blog ..The importance of pillows =-.

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