Arriving at our Kenyan Hotel

the hotel pool

the hotel pool

The welcome at our hotel was great. Everyone welcomed us with big smiles and an ice cold cocktail!

A simple check-in and we were in our room. It was immaculate. Three minutes later our suitcases arrived.

We unpacked. We showered.

We walk excitedly towards the pool. It’s 27 degrees C. Lovely!

Loads of free empty sun beds.

We settled down and enjoyed the sun.

Literally within minutes, a smiley waitress appears.



Drinks by the pool, followed by lunch by the pool.

Then a little siesta under an umbrella.

A cheeky monkey having a drink right outside our hotel room:

That night we had drinks in the beach side bar and a beach bar-b-q.

During the beach bar-b-q, some Masai Warriors came through the bar-b-q in their beautiful distinctive outfits, all in red, pointing big sticks at the eaters and shouting warrior type commands.

The big sticks are properly known as rungu.

Rungu’s are typically about 18-20 inches in length with a long narrow shaft for a handle and heavy knob or ball at the end in the manner of other “ethnic” cudgels such as the Irish shillelagh.

It was part of the entertainment but also quite frightening.

The Masai warriors came and danced for us. It was great fun.

Then they rolled out their goods to sell. We all looked and several purchased.

One last nightcap and we walked, hand-in-hand, slowly back to our hotel room under the clear sky and stars.

Paradise! We had another two weeks!

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  1. coventry hotels April 19, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    Another two weeks there sounds amazing. My goodness, and service with a smile is so hard to find these days. It shouldn’t be, but not a lot of people seem to be happy in their jobs. Hmm interesting. I’m jealous of your trips though.

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