Founded in 2008, WeBuildYourBlog helps small businesses with their on-line presence by…

building and improving their business website / blog…so they can grow their customer list and increase income.

That’s it! That’s what we do each and every day.

That’s our expertise and we pride ourselves on the website services we provide.

About We Build Your BlogA Little About Me, Andrew Rondeau, The Owner Of WeBuildYourBlog

For the first 30 years of my career I worked for corporate companies but I admired those who left the 9 – 5 and set up their own business.

Many had been planning on their own business for years.

Then the corporate world entered the time of downsizing and mergers and acquisitions.

Thousands of people were made redundant.

The days of ‘job for life’ were over.

I thought, “I had to start my own plan of escape”.

Eight years ago…

I knew nothing about working on-line, so I started doing some research.

I needed to act fast but I was totally overwhelmed.

How are you supposed to follow the gurus when one tells you “You need a niche” and the next one says, “Build a list”? Another says, “Create and sell your own products”, and the next says, “Sell other peoples’ products”.

“Learn SEO and PPC…”

“Give away something for free…”

“Build a relationship with your customers…”

“Optimize your blog…”

“Use plug-ins…”

“Content is king…write everyday…”

“Use the best keywords…”

Blah, blah, blah …

As I say…that was 8 years ago.

Five years ago…

…I gave up the corporate world and now I make my living via my own small business.

Now I’d like to help you grow you own small business.

We design and build websites, blogs, membership sites, on-lines stores, sales pages….

If you are looking for On-line Marketing…we can help.

About We Build Your Blog